John Slade is a bold progressive who has lived on the East Side for over 20 years. He is a community organizer for the Metropolitan Interfaith Council on Affordable Housing and grantwriter for a number of nonprofits. His wife, Wendy Slade, is a Harding graduate and his son, Jack, attends Nokomis South. John has served on the District 1 Planning Council board, worked for the Dayton’s Bluff District Council, and is a founding member of and DJ on WEQY 104.7 FM, the New Voice of the East Side.

John has been listening to stories across the East Side and these are the issues people are most concerned about.

  • Affordable Housing We are in a crisis, and on the East Side tenants are getting priced out and discriminated against. Slumlords are operating apartments where the mice run over babies in their cribs. The rent is too damn high. This must end. We must give tenants the tools and protection to improve their living conditions, end the ban on rent control, and fully fund state housing sources.
  • Police Accountability Black and brown bodies are routinely the targets of excessive force by police. The state POST board and the legal protections offered to accused abusers must be seriously changed.
  • Minnesota Health Plan Corporate profits have no place getting between people and their healthcare. Clearly Washington DC is under the spell of Wall Street. We need a comprehensive single-payer health plan at the state level. State Senator John Marty has proposed such a plan, which John Slade fully supports. Find out more at https://mnhealthplan.org/
  • Full Scholarships for state students to state schools Knowledge is power, and we can afford to educate every student in our state to the college level. Our young people must not face the future handicapped by debt. Since systemic racism and classism has kept people of color and low income out of college, we must also give them support to succeed.
  • Voting Rights The right of people to vote has been under concerted attack by conservatives using false claims of voting fraud to restrict who can vote. This must be resisted at all levels. People who have served their time in the criminal justice system must have their voting rights returned automatically when their sentence is done.

WE ARE IN A CRITICAL TIME IN OUR COUNTRY. To win back the State Legislature and to hold the Governor’s office, we must take bold positions. Incremental change is not the best we can do.

Join John Slade as we work together to bring the stories of the East Side forward!


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